Monday, October 8, 2012

Mirusha Waterfalls ner Klina

Mirusha Waterfalls is a chain of waterfalls found in the Mirusha River, situated on the south of the Gremnik Mountains; on the way to Gjakova at an altitude of 572 meters. Its distance from the capital city is approximately one hour.
Mirusha River engraved a 10 km long canyon and created 13 river lakes with 12 waterfalls between them. The waterfall with the biggest height is the one between the sixth and seventh lake, and it is 22 meters high.
Those waterfalls between the lakes, together with the stunning landscape, and rocks and caves around the waterfalls, form an overwhelming sight and present a special tourism attraction. Although the water temperature is usually quite cold, throughout summer when the temperature is high, swimming there can be incredibly pleasant.




Introduce Republic of Kosova


Everyone loves a newborn, and since 2008, when Kosovo declared independence, large letters spelling ‘NEWBORN’ have graced a section of pavement in Pristina. The location, between the secure offices of the UN and a shopping mall featuring ubiquitous European clothing stores and a skyclawing crumbling concrete monument, tells it all. Kosovo is finding its feet. Staff from international organisations glam up Pristina’s restaurants, cafes and bars, as do talented Kosovars who are taking their seats for the ride forward.Barbs of its past are impossible to miss: roads are dotted with memorials featuring etchings of those killed in 1999. Kosovo’s modern architectural standouts may stand out for all the wrong reasons, but what the rebuilt country lacks in style, it makes up for with its mountain-backed towns, hiking opportunities and nice pictorial views, all no more than a couple of hours’ drive from its capital.

National Highway cost a billion euros


Construction price of highway Vermice-Merdare could reach one billion euros. Next month is the time to complete the work in 64 Km - fifth segment.
"Works are done by around 2500 workers managed by US-Turkish consortium Bechtel-Enka, who are already engaged uninterrupted two years in highway construction in over 102 miles, while the entire project term is 36 months, reports the Croatian known portal "Seebiz".

Representatives of the consortium say "highway is currently the best and fastest in the region. "This is the international parameters highway, where the speed varies from 120 to 130 miles per hour," said the representative of the consortium, Ela Ruchi.

"The authorities in Pristina have so far invested 560 million euros, but together with land exprportion, the construction price could rise," said the Croatian portal.

Executive Director of the Institute "Riiinvest" Lumir Abdixhiku, told Seebiz that highway to Albania will pay 25 percent of gross domestic product in Kosovo. "To spend a billion on a project, and that such contract not to be disclosed to the public, meaning that there is no transparency in this process," said Abdixhiku.

According to Seebiz, Kosovo authorities are already in preparation for construction of a highway to Macedonia.

Rugova Gorge - Natural Beauties in Kosova

Rugova is a territory within the mountain ridge of the Alps, which is consistent with Peja River Basin lies between mountains Hajla, Shtedim, Lumbardh and Kopranik. It's in western part of Kosovo.

Rugova region has a view of the surrounded high mountains, to the sides of the mountain and end touches in the alluvial plains of the river of Pec, which sometimes narrows to form the canyon, especially at the exit of the river in the area . Left side of the basin is wider, southern ekspozicion is lower and found villages of Rugova, while the right side is narrow, steep, northern exposition.